Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jam recap from a mad man,

WOW what a wild time!!!!  Hotter then a Devils dildo , Jam was awesome!
People started camping Friday night building there spot and piling the wood(camp Catty Kicked ass) it was over 100 degrees and dudes were burning hells of tires, popping paint cans, and melting peoples tents.(Camp Catty, im down with it) Legends and rookies and a wookie.  Big air X games gold and silver medalist, I think Steve Mccann got sick and had to leave Earlie or something?  Any rate dudes kept rolling in all day only to be hit with a blown radiator after a few runs and riders migrated to the river for a soak only to return and hit the repeat button!!  It was so hot it melted my brain and I accomplished nothing.  Handed the camera to sum Heathens that were trying to get a lip slide and let the wench's slip the lens to manual and body on auto, end result blurriness.  Trail riders were going high as hell till the radio for casted a severe thunderstorm warning so we had lines closed for water and ran big air and best trick and patch pimp crowning on the same line.  We call the line (swazzy) when real it should be called (Dont give a fuck crazy!)  
People sent it and the skys grew darker, HAM was popping everywhere only two guys made the whole line:
Andrew Fox (2011 Patch pimp)
Derrick Brower (2010 Patch Pimp)

so its a tie and next jam well have a wad him up dual salom race for the crowning!

Andrew won best trick with a truck driver to x up  you had to see the jump to appreciate it
Derrick won a tight battle in big air
Then all hell broke out with wicked winds flying trees and heavy rain.
People chilled at Tompound ate there faces full and drank cans of what the fuck, it was a shit show of Vandle Van tow rides, roman candle wars only defeated by incoming three inch mortars 4 fires blazing roller blade shit shows and half naked woodward gymnast .  and one naked guy.

Im writing a fuckin book no time for that im still on last weeks time it feels from the jam, Thanks to everyone who contributed from one way or another!  To every one that cleaned there spot the yard thanks !!! not much cleaning and thats how i like it!!!!  All the riders and sponsors and Heathens!!
Thanks for coming and well see you at the next one!!!

Still cant believe no one got killed !!!!! Ride on Banshees! 

 Rob Darden was on hand and had one of the most badass runs of the day 450 knarly hip to big lofty three on the regulator
 Amos has alot of sweet videos and pics
 look t the height!!!
 Adam Ginch on the 22 ftr

 Tom arkus has a report over on

Vinyl BMX
Potoz was killin it

 We even had midgets, Henny nephew of Chuck Norris
 This Farm Boy is a BEAST he did some crazy shit!  Weve met several times over the years and i cant remember his name? Jordon Houck? Props to you my friend
Derrick Brower 2010 patch pimp, tied this year withAndrew Fox the 2011 patch pimp 
 Rob Darden
 Arkus if he were a animal he would be a girraff
 Big air and best trick along with patch pimp crowing went down all at once due to the incroaching storms

 rrelax time Rock Run



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