Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring Preparations!

This poster used to hang in Tysons grams basement, around 10yrs ago and this is when the Heathens began.
Quarter, box, wedge and all the pieces to complete the ramp setup across the street from the trails!! Thanks to the Woodward camp staff! Heavy hauling thanks to the Foust's!
Pads cause we aren't getting any younger and foam resie in the yard!!!!
Grandma sliding the tires
Here big dick Cory Foust shows that he goes big too!
Grandma I meen Ryan getting sum new moves

This winter has been a cold one thats for damn sure! The Heathens unable to dig the frozen earth have stayed half busy digging up materials for a crazy ass fun summer of shredabilities!! I haven't been posting much cause it sucks its winter and i hibernate! So sorry for the lack of posts the thaw looks like it may be in effect finally so the posts should resume to regularity. Heathen shirts are in the works, the brown ET design is coming back in American apparel again should have them babies in two weeks from and a new design is in the works for Superflys print shop! Got to spread the love! Also we are working towards a triple thick American apparel hoody! Im tired of the t shirt thin zip ups that most companies have, so stay tuned for the big cartel heathen mail-order!! stoked!!


Anonymous said...

the poster was improved in 1997 by block n myself, floater McGavin, so it's about 13 years old

spadesandflats said...

haha Yes its 14 yrs old ! we are old! hahahaaha

Anonymous said...

i think yor full of shit its not that old cuz it was in the base ment at tysons grams an i was atleast 17 18 wen we made it who ever that 1st comment was

Anonymous said...

ya 17 + 13 = 30 old timer, so ur full of shit