Saturday, December 4, 2010

Maryland Trip

40ft gap! resi landing, come up short?, eat a wall!
mad lines!
the downhill roll in for the 40ftr
stretching, that's all I got ha ha
mmmmmr dont know why i get flats??????
James Hawkins!
Amos, who helped build this world wonder
old bastared

garage, foam pit, pump track!!!!!!!!
little R n R
We were all a little blown away by everything,

Amos had been gone since September working with the best in thee business building a state off the art bowl mecca. Amos got the go ahead to bring a couple brother Heathens down for a weekend of wickedness! It was awesome to say the least, overwhelming that a man with all his success and busyness would be so awesome to let us stay n ride at his house. I have a whole new level of appreciation and respect for Travis!! He is all about FUN and sharing his fruitful benefits with his neighbors. I don't know anyone at that level that is so sharing! Then again is there anyone else on that level?

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billy said...

looks fun